Terms of Use

Entitled to participate in the Social Entrepreneurship Award are social enterprises with business location or activities in the geographic Europe, Latin America & the Caribbean.

It is agreed that the following information used in the Social Entrepreneurship Award is property of the applicant, but can be freely used, published and shared by the operator of the Association on the Associations Website and its related Social Media profiles (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube):

  • Name of the social enterprise
  • Tagline (A short description that best describes the project)
  • Location (City)
  • Location (Country)
  • Project Pitch
  • Website
  • Project Video
  • Project Photo

Between all published projects, the three finalists will be elected by the highest accumulated number of social media interactions (i.e., but not limited to likes, shares, retweets of the original posts) on the indicated links:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • YouTube

If the project qualifies as a finalist, the Association will, in its own name and solely on its own website and/or social media channels, collect funds for these three finalists. The winner will be the project that is able to attract most funds.

All three finalists will be entitled to receive 80% of the collected net amount (collected amount less the incurred costs of collecting payments) per individual project. The collection of the raised net amount shall be done via invoice by the social enterprise to the operator of the Association. The three finalists shall be entitled to audit the accounts of the operator of the Association.