School of Entrepreneurship & Business Development

Understand customers, design better value propositions and find the right business models can be a challenge in an international setting. Local regulations and customer taste differ much across countries.

The School of Entrepreneurship & Business Development shall provide a learning environment for upcoming entrepreneurs and business development executives, as they take over the assignment to create & validate a business model in a given region in Latin America or Europe.

Interested organizations can offer these challenging cases of validating a business model for a foreign market. Interested students will be supported by a mentor, graded by a tribunal & receive a representative certification on the completion of the assignment.



Interested students can apply to complete a business model validation for a certain market in Europe or Latin America during the course. Language will be English and the work will not be remunerated. After successful completion of the project, students will receive  a Certificate of Completion of the “Course in Entrepreneurship & Business Development” and a recommendation on LinkedIn. The completion of the course is free of charge. All kind of support will be welcome, of course: Interesting rewards and gifts are waiting for you.

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Companies can impose cases of business model validations in certain territories of Europe and Latin America. The student will then elaborate an analysis, that is following the attached guidelines. The company will get access to this report and can freely use it for its international development. Companies can impose cases free of charge and under confidential basis. Students and mentors do not have to be remunerated. To maintain our offering, support to the Association will be very welcome. Check the interesting rewards you can gain.

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Tutors will support the students in the elaboration of their project and take care of the coordination with the company. Tutors will also act as tribunal members in the validation of students that were guided by other mentors. All tutors will get a certificate of contribution and a recommendation by the President of the Association on LinkedIn.

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Guidelines “Course in Entrepreneurship & Business Development”

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